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The trademark of the region is the beautiful blue lake. For this reason, it was clear from the very beginning that this lake would play a central role. The event area and the famous PYRAMID are located directly at the lake, the perfect place to relax, at least after the race. The course leads along the blue lake to a charming bay. On the way, the first obstacles have to be mastered before the dreaded bridge is reached. This is where it shows who is well prepared: X-FULL awaits the longest TARZAN SWIG vs MONKEY BAR, in Europe. X-LITE masters the crossing on a FLOATING BRIDGE. Afterwards, the course goes permanently uphill through a wide creek bed with a breathtaking view of the Brenta. The course turns through and over numerous waterfalls, including THE WATERFALL NETCLIMB, which has already provided adrenaline in many photos. Afterwards, you enter the paths above the west side. This is where you can find most of the altitude gain. The small trails are mostly a bit rocky but very good to walk. From the highest point, the trail quickly descends to a small rifugio (Baita Ai Fortini Di Napoleone) and to a former fortress. There you walk through the old trenches once around the entire complex and before the route leads back to the beautiful Molveno Lake, a vigorous MULTI RIGG vs BEAR CRAWL. Then it’s over hill and dale along the western shore to the waterfall. From there the course gradually leads back to the event area. The course in Molveno impresses with many small details and is especially suitable for beginners and advanced runners. The trails are very easy to run. As a participant, however, you must not be afraid of wet feet. Especially the several hundred metres in the stream bed with refreshing melt water from the Brenta have their effect.


In Arosa it will be humid right from the beginning. The start and finish lead all athletes through the summer bathing lake with the AROSA TOWER. Don’t be surprised, this lake has a refreshing temperature all year round. There is plenty of time to warm up on the course. At the beginning, the course leads in gentle waves across the terrain through forests, over lush meadows and icy streams. Again and again, the running rhythm is interrupted by obstacles. A former ski jump run will be a real chunk. Here the arms will have to support the legs. Afterwards, small trails lead further and further up to lush cow pastures and, in keeping with the theme, we build in a MILKCAN-LOAD here. X-LITE turns off, for X-FULL it goes on. From there, a mighty climb begins to the beautiful Schwellisee at an altitude of approx. 2000m – here you have to decide between a LAKE CROSS or a LOOP around the lake – HEAVY LOAD included. The route continues on very rocky paths to the high alpine panorama above Arosa. The route allows for some fantastic views over a high-alpine panoramic world. At an altitude of well over 2000m, you have to expect patches of snow from time to time. The entire ascent takes a lot of energy. Nevertheless, every athlete should keep some reserves. A steep and technical downhill brings the athletes back to the tree line and here they meet the X-LITE course again. The half is done. From beautiful forest paths to the wide gravel bed of the Welschtobel stream. Here you have to master some exciting challenges, including a cool down in the waterfall – only X-FULL. After the waterfall, the trail goes slightly downhill through a young forest to the Arosa reservoir. Wet feet are included. The reservoir is followed by the last crisp climb back to the event area – on the way, BEAR CRAWL dedicated to Arosa Bärenland, a must do.


The romantic little village on the Arlberg has a lot of variety to offer and altitude too. Immediately after the start, the STUBEN MONSTER LADDER provides sufficient refreshment for the legs. The course follows the icy Flexenbach to a massive waterfall, X-LITE goes across the waterfall, X-FULL takes the ten metre Direttissima. From there, it‘s across a meadow to a climb over the famous gallery that no one will quickly forget. At the top, the beginning of the spectacula 280° degree Stuben panorama begins. A small path serves as a rest before the next long climb. Quite swiftly, the route lies above the tree line and winds its way over trails and draw paths to the Albona mountain station. X-LITE turns and X-FULL heads its way up the Berggeistweg to the Kaltenberghütte. The entire trail is repeatedly interrupted by beautiful mountain streams. These spectacular slopes are a paradise for skiers and snowboarders in winter – beware, HEAVY BOARD PULL and many other obstacles await you. On the way to the Kaltenberghütte, one panorama beats the next. Directly after the Kaltenberghütte is the highest point and a very interesting lake at 2020 metres – HEAVY LAKE CROSS is the motto. The last part of the course first leads gradually and later very sharply downhill. The downhill is a real challenge. Once you reach the valley, it’s time for the finish line.

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