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MOLVENO is calling .. #noexcuses

We are looking forward to a WILD WARRIOR WEEKEND with you on 13 and 14 May in Molveno. Let us surprise you, there will be a few new sections as well as new obstacle modules 😊.
Please find attached the programme and the course maps of the two days/races – here are the links:
OCR X-LITE .. 6,7km I 33 Obstacles++ I 322d+
OCR X-FULL .. 15,2km I 39 Obstacles++ 952d+
Those who take part in both races will also be entered in an X-TITAN classification.
As you know we start two categories: Competitive Athletes and Non-Competitive Athletes.
Competitive Athletes will start first and in 2-slots, every 30 seconds, to avoid congestion at the obstacles. Competitive athletes are timed, judged at certain obstacles, where there are also so-called Penalty Zones/25 Burpees or Penalty Loops/an extra section of the course to be completed. Mutual assistance among the Competitive Athletes is prohibited. All Competitive Athletes will be ranked and the first 3 athletes in each age group will be awarded – male/female separately.
Non-Competitive Athletes will start in small groups as they wish, will be timed and ranked, i.e. you will receive your personal results on an alphabetical list and can compare your times. Penalties are voluntary and mutual help is allowed. As you wish, you can finish the race alone or in a group.
More information on how to participate can be found under the link https://www.x-warriors.com/it/molveno/#INFORMAZIONI (German and English please use the translation button on the website).
For all those who have already registered or would like to register, please find attached a list of accommodation prepared for you by Molveno:
For parking, shower facilities, opening times of the race office on site and more, please refer to the race maps using the links above. We will contact you again shortly before the race date with the start list and further information about the race weekend.
Until then, have a good training,
stay healthy and greetings,

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