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On May 13 and 14 Molveno turns into an “arena” for X-WARRIORS, an adventure race that combines a classic trail run with natural obstacles. Against the backdrop of the breathtaking Dolomites and Lake Molveno, sport and crossfit lovers, amateur athletes and fitness enthusiasts will run, climb, crawl, hang, jump, balance in nets, on walls, over wooden obstacles, in waterfalls, under bridges and all this in the natural terrain around Molveno.

X-WARRIOR, a Natural Obstacle Race is a fitness trend that has gained popularity in recent years. It is a mixture of endurance training and military obstacle races, but they take place in nature. Participants face real obstacles made of wood, ropes and even trees, waterfalls and rocky terrain. They run through mud, carry heavy objects, crawl on the ground and jump through fire.

What makes X-WARRIOR so unique is that it pits man against nature. It’s a return to nature that brings together a growing community of like-minded people who want to push their limits and achieve the unthinkable. The natural obstacles and environment make X-WARRIOR an intense and unforgettable experience.

To prepare, participants must focus on endurance and strength training. High-intensity circuit training is perfect for training both. The key to success in X-WARRIOR, however, is the ability to adapt to the ever-changing natural environment and nature of the obstacles, best accomplished as a team by helping each other and having group fun.

Come out of your comfort zone and experience a weekend of wild fitness, where you will meet like-minded people and push your limits in the breathtaking nature of the Brenta Dolomites.

Ci vediamo al lago #noexcuses!

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