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WARRIORS, welcome back!

We hope you are well, the summer seems to be over and we start the new season with an EARLY BIRD CODE for the X-WARRIOR #MOLVENO on 18/19 May 2024. The first 100 WARRIORS will automatically receive a 20% discount for the MOLVENO Race. Our tip: book in, get your discount and we will see each other at the Race-Weekend in Molveno:


This CODE expires automatically with the booking of the 100th WARRIOR and will be communicated exclusively via this newsletter – feel free to share this Early Bird Code with each other, but only valid for the first 100 bookings for the X-WARRIOR #MOLVENO – be quick, it’s worth it!

New obstacles are in planning, like PIPE, CUBE, SLOPING WALL, NUTCRACKER and NEGATIVE NET CRAWL, also HORIZONTAL LADDER , others.
We will revise the judge system for all COMPETITIVE athletes – in the event area still with Penalty ZONES: 25x Burpees, on the track increasingly with Penalty LOOPS, i.e. you run an additional track section. X-LITE and X-FULL will differ in the difficulty levels for the obstacles. COMPETITIVE athletes cannot help each other, start in 2-person slots and will be judged, timed, ranked and awarded in their respective age groups. NON-COMPETITIVE athletes can help each other, start in group slots and are Penalty-Free – decide for themselves if they want to make a possible penalty or not and are judged and ranked, within an alphabetical list.
Medals for X-LITE/small and X-FULL/big as well as additional pins for X-TITAN WARRIORS remain and for all awarded X-TITAN / overall WARRIORS, male / female especially valuable prizes are planned – be excited!

One more thing: The registrations for the X-WARRIOR #AROSA on 17/18 August 2024 will be opened end of November / beginning of December and we are looking forward to the OCR SWISS CHAMPIONSHIP – after Hannibal Crossing and the Spartan Race in Verbier the SOSF / Swiss Obstacle Sports Federation has decided for the X-WARRIOR #AROSA, admittedly, this makes us a little proud and possibly pays on the race quality due to the accuracy in the production of an X-WARRIOR – thank you very much for the trust #SOSF.

And by the way, the topic “Sustainability” plays an important role for us and together with our destination partners we try to give the small grade of a #GOGREEN event special attention #strongtogether.

WARRIORS, see you in 100% Nature,
See you very soon – TEAM X-WARRIOR #noexcuses.


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