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In preparation of the X-WARRIOR Race #MOLVENO, there was a pleasant surprise for us, from now on the X-WARRIOR Races #Molveno and #Arosa are QUALIFIER Races for the annual OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP – we see this award as a quality compliment in the international OCR circus, but rather it is a challenge and incentive for us to do things even better. In short, the 3 fastest male/female in the COMPETITIVE categories of X-LITE, X-FULL and X-TITAN will automatically qualify for the OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, whether you want to participate or not – that’s on you.

In this regard, we are changing the JUDGE system a little – while the Penalty ZONES with 25 burpees will remain in the event area, so-called Penalty LOOPS will be completed on the course, i.e. those who start in the COMPETITIVE category and do not master an obstacle must complete a reduced single trail with 250 to 800 meters in addition if they want to remain in the COMPETIVE classification – and of course we make sure that no shortcuts can be taken here, keyword #noshortcuts !

As you know, the JUDGE system applies to all COMPETITIVE athletes (timed-judged-ranked-awarded), all NON-COMPETITIVE athletes (timed and classified in alphabetic order) can, but do not have to adhere to the penalty rules, in addition the NON-COMPETITIVES have the opportunity to help each other.

And finally, and we are a little proud of this, we can announce that we have been voted one of the TOP 10 RACES in Europe in the OCR Races ranking in terms of safety, quality of the course, variety of fruit, integration into nature, but above all in terms of the overall organization and atmosphere. AND for this we are also grateful to YOU, as it is you who have made the X-WARRIOR Natural Obstacle Race what it is, an OCR Adventure in 100% pure nature.

Thanks to you and if you would like to register with a PROMO CODE that is valid until March 15, 2024 – please do:


We would also like to draw your attention to the GROUP BOOKINGS, which are discounted by up to 25%, especially for larger groups who would like to experience a weekend together, start together or in groups.

A short note, in about 2-3 weeks you will receive another newsletter with information about the bookable accommodation, as well as about 4 weeks before the race weekend, you will receive the course maps and obstacle arrangements – be surprised, there will be some news, or rather, new challenges, regarding obstacles and course sections – focused our aim to change the courses and obstacles slightly every year, so that there is no shortage of variety over the years.

With this in mind,
Train hard, race harder,
Team X-WARRIOR #noexcuses.

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