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Welcome to the 2024 X-WARRIOR Race Weekend in Molveno, an OCR adventure in paradise. We are in the preparations. Let us surprise you, there will be one or the other new obstacle variation, like PIPE TOWERS, STEEL ROPE MONKEY BARS, SLOPING WALLS, etc. as well as other smaller changes, at it’s best.

Don’t limit your challenges,
challenge your limits in 100% Nature.

We are looking forward to almost 750 starts, over 400 in X-LITE and almost 350 in X-FULL. If you still need accommodation > BOOK YOUR STAY.
The online registrations are already closed. Late registrations are possible ON SITE/limited at the currently valid prices. Enclosed is the > STARTLIST with bib numbers and the respective start slots, questions > info@x-warriors.com

The course maps and the event schedule can be found here > X-LITE vs > X-FULL. Parking lots, shower facilities and rooms for luggage storage (unguarded!) as well as the possibility to change your clothes are available.
The RACE OFFICE, in the middle of the > EVENT-AREA, will be open from 08:00 on the Race Days. We kindly ask you to bring the following documents to the final PRE-CHECK/Race Office on site:

• valid identity card
• signed waiver/WAIVER; if you have forgotten it, please print and sign the WAIVER here and bring it with you, otherwise we will provide this document for you to sign on site.
ONLY FOR ATHLETES living in Italy: The organizer, the SSD X-WARRIOR is affiliated with CSEN (Centro Sportivo Educativo Nazionale). All athletes registered for the race must either already be affiliated with CSEN or make the registration in order to enjoy the insurance coverage required by law. If you are already a CSEN member, it will be sufficient to show your valid membership card on the day you pick up your race packet. In addition, membership has a cost of euro 5.00 to be paid directly on the day of the SOLO IN CASH payment.
To complete the affiliation it is necessary to provide a copy of a medical certificate in process of validation. If you are competing for a COMPETITIVE EVENT (FULL or LITE), THE CERTIFICATE MUST BE ISSUED BY AN ITALIAN SPORTS MEDICINE CENTER and must be marked “FOR COMPETITIVE ACTIVITY – LIGHT ATHLETICS.” If you are taking part in a NON COMPETITIVE event, a certificate issued by any licensed physician will suffice and must be marked “FOR NON-AGONISTIC ACTIVITIES”

As you know, there will be many photographers on the course and at the obstacles. Here is the link > BEST PICS 2024, code > Molveno24 .. available one or two days after the event, as well as after the respective races, here is the link to the result lists > RESULTS 2024.

And one more request, have a look > MORE INFO regarding Classification / Ranking, Competitive Athletes vs NON-Competitive Athletes, Rolling Start, OCR Worlds qualifying, etc.

Within the individual races, X-LITE vs X-FULL, there are two groups of athletes:
• COMPETITIVE athletes (jugded, timed, ranked, awarded), who are NOT allowed to help each other and for whom all PENALTIES, are mandatory to fulfill, in addition: if these rules are not fulfilled, one is automatically classified in the group of NON-COMPETITIVE athletes.
• NON-COMPETITIVE athletes (timed, classified in alpabetic order) are allowed to help each other and the PENALTIES are voluntary.
To distinguish these two groups of athletes in the races, these two groups wear different colored headbands, which you PLEASE wear conspicuously and for us to recognize. Thank you.

ATTENTION: Please also forward this newsletter to some of your co-registered persons – we only have the email addresses of the respective registrants, not those of the respective co-registered persons. Thank you very much.

We look forward to seeing you and to a wild WARRIOR weekend.
Ci vediamo al lago!

Team X-WARRIOR #MOLVENO #bornready.

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