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OCR World Championships

WARRIORS, thank you so much - you are the event! It was also a great weekend for us in the wild nature of Molveno, OCR in paradisešŸ˜‰, and we learned a lot and need to rethink a few sections of the route, especially the jams in front of some obstacles. For example, on the Floating Bridge, where some people walk over it with their hands and legs,

Welcome to the 2024 X-WARRIOR Race Weekend in Molveno, an OCR adventure in paradise. We are in the preparations. Let us surprise you, there will be one or the other new obstacle variation, like PIPE TOWERS, STEEL ROPE MONKEY BARS, SLOPING WALLS, etc. as well as other smaller changes, at it's best. Don't limit your challenges, challenge your limits in 100% Nature.

In preparation of the X-WARRIOR Race #MOLVENO, there was a pleasant surprise for us, from now on the X-WARRIOR Races #Molveno and #Arosa are QUALIFIER Races for the annual OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - we see this award as a quality compliment in the international OCR circus, but rather it is a challenge and incentive for us to do things even better. In short, the 3

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