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17 | 18 MAY 2025

Molveno / Italy

The pearl of the Brenta Dolomites

Molveno, a perfect place to let off steam, in the middle of nature and always present, the central chain of the Brenta Dolomites. In the middle, the crystal clear Molveno lake at 864m altitude. All around, green fir and beech forests with a magical panorama and super-divesre and multi-varied outdoor terrain.

For us as OCR fun athletes and OCR enthusiasts, Molveno has the entire range to offer: Start and finish areas are located close to the lake on a well-tended green, right on the beach. With a few turns and technical obstacles it goes along the lake. X-FULL, watch out, the longest Tarzan Swing vs Monkey Bar that Europe has to offer awaits you, including Tyrolean Traverse – all over water. X-LITE, don’t panic, Floating Bridge is the name of the game and after a few water steps and waterfalls along the river bed, it goes into the mountains, net crawls, net and rope climbs, jumping walls – negative and positive. Further into the deep green of the woods, crossing clearings and again and again obstacles: balance beams, nut crackers, heavy loads and pulls, and a first-class monster rig on a sunny  clearing, and much more. Shortly before the finish area, the double loop extreme, with the famous seven meter pyramid, the bear crawl, and among other things the triple, boulder and rock wall as well as the jeep crawl – all in! Push yourself to the limits! And for the food lovers among you, what to say? We are in bella Italia, best gusto!

LITE | 6,7K+ | 26 OBSTACLES++ | 322D+

FULL | 15,2K+ | 42 OBSTACLES++ | 862D+



The earlier you register, the cheaper your ticket. The prices depend on the time of your booking. Please find here the current entry fees:

  • 65.00 € | 17 MAY 2025
  • 80.00 € | 18 May 2025
  • 125.00 € | 17/18 MAY 2025


“There, where everything began: Molveno, a picturesque village, surrounded by 100% nature with a beautiful lake in the middle of the Trentino Brenta Dolomites is, was and will be the birthplace of X-WARRIOR´s OCR adventure. Nature lovers, outdoor seekers and sport enthusisats – all kind, plus those who are interessted in very best italian food already love this place to be – see you on the courses, in nature.”

Alessandro Bettega, President / Molveno Holiday


Information on Participation

Please read carefully the following information to learn more about your registration.


 Don‘t miss the GROUP DISCOUNT. Register more than 5 participants to get 5% off, or more than 10 participants to get a 10% off, and more than 25 participants to get a 20% off.

Group registrations is to be made by a TEAM CAPTAIN who has to register all TEAM members at once. Athletes who decide to be part of a TEAM at a later date will not get any group discounts.Each TEAM member is requested to enter the TEAM NAME while registering in order to have the personal race result posted to the team results.


The first 3 COMPETITIVE athletes (male/female) and the first 3 COMPETITIVE athletes (male/female) in each age group* will receive an award at the X-WARRIOR awards ceremony. All awards must be collected in person at the venue.
Results for all NON-COMPETITIVE athletes will be listed in alphabetical order (male/female).
The results lists of all COMPETITIVE and NON-COMPETITIVE athletes will be published on the official website one day after the race.
* Age groups: X-Juniors (U20) X-Seniors (20-34) X-Masters (35-49) X-Veteran (50+).


Withdrawl requests must be received within the following time frames in order to be eligible for a partial refund:

– until 4 months prior to race day: 50% refund of the entry fee,

– until 2 months prior to race day: 25% refund of the entry fee,

– less than 2 months prior to race day: no refund.

It is not possible to defer the participation to another athlete, race or year.


While you‘re racing, refreshment stations are available on course, next to the recovery zone and at the finish line. Our partner destination is taking care about medical services on courses and at the main event areas and all logistical and technical services. We care, you race!


The top three overall finishers (M/F) competing in the COMPETITIVE version of the X-LITE, X-FULL and X-TITAN automatically qualify for the OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS. The OCR World Championships are the only world championships in obstacle racing, independent and open to participation by professional, amateur (AG) and relay team athletes – one weekend, 5 races, the choice is yours!

MAY 17, 2025
08:00 – 11:00 Athletes Registration*
08:00 – 17:00 Bag Drop Off Zone
10:00 – 12:00 Warming Up Area
10:45 Race Briefing*
11:00 – 16:00 OCR X-TRAIL X-LITE**
11:00 X-TITAN Competive
11:30 X-LITE Competitive
12:00 X-TITAN Non-Competitive
12:30 X-LITE Non-Competitive
13:00 – 16:00 Recovery Zone***
14:00 – 17:00 Showers open
14:00 – 16:00 AWARDS & BBQ
MAY 18, 2025
08:00 – 10:00 Athletes Registration*
09:00 – 17:00 Bag Drop Off Zone
09:00 – 11:00 Warming Up Area
09:45 Race Briefing*
10:00 – 16:00 OCR X-TRAIL X-FULL**
10:00 X-TITAN Competive
10:30 X-FULL Competitive
11:00 X-TITAN Non-Competitive
11:30 X-FULL Non-Competitive
12:00 – 16:00 Recovery Zone***
13:00 – 17:00 Showers open
14:00 – 16:00 AWARDS & BBQ

*Mandatory for all Warriors.
**Competitive athletes first
***All Warriors for free.
Event schedule is subject to change.

X-Lite, X-Full or x-titan

No matter if you‘re a beginner or an obstacle fan, the OCR X-LITE with ca. 6k+ course and 22obstacles++, is the right chance. For experienced athletes or well-trained amateurs, the OCR X-FULL is the ideal course to push yourselves to the max with 14k+ trail and 35 obstacles++. And for those who are tough enough, just race twice! Join us on both races and become a X WARRIOR TITAN.

Competitive vs non-competitive

All COMPETITIVE athletes will be timed, judged (10 optional penalty zones along the course), ranked and awarded according to their age group. Competitive athletes are not allowed to help each other and failure to complete an obstacle leads to a penalty of an extra loop. If the penalty hasn’t been carried out, athletes will be classified in the NON COMPETITVE category.

NON COMPETITIVE athletes are timed, ranked and allowed to help other participants as well as skipping obstacles or leaving the course on own responsibility. NON COMPETITIVE Teams regardless of a minimum/maximum number of participants/gender can either work together or they can fight it out on their own. For those who can’t or won’t gain an obstacle, no penalty will be applied.


To avoid traffic jams on the course and queues in front of the obstacles, there is a ROLLING START system: COMPETITIVE athletes start in pairs about 30 seconds apart. NON COMPETITIVE athletes usually start in fours, teams can also start together in their total number. The starting order is always starting with the COMPETITIVE athletes first and then the NON COMPETITIVE athletes.

How to behave in the case of bear contact

Bears generally avoid contact with humans because they perceive them as a danger. However, if you are visiting an area where they are native, it is important to know how to behave during an unexpected contact.
The most important thing to do when in contact with a bear is to stay calm. Bears do not see humans as potential target but fear them and keep their distance. Bears only attack if they are surprised or provoked. Female bears with cubs have a strong protective instinct. If you see a bear in the distance, go back the way you came so that the bear has room to continue its way. Important: do not run away! To prevent an accidental contact with a bear, it is important to make yourself heard (clapping, singing, whistling, etc.) and stay on the path. Further information on encounters with bears can be found at www.grandicarnivori.provincia.tn.it

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