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March 2024

We are looking forward to a WILD WARRIOR WEEKEND on May 18/19, 2024 in Molveno. Let us surprise you, there will be a few new sections and new obstacles. For all those who have already booked the X-WARRIOR ticket, whether X-LITE, X-FULL or X-TITAN, here and today, a recommendation and selection of accommodation that Molveno has prepared for you

In preparation of the X-WARRIOR Race #MOLVENO, there was a pleasant surprise for us, from now on the X-WARRIOR Races #Molveno and #Arosa are QUALIFIER Races for the annual OCR WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP - we see this award as a quality compliment in the international OCR circus, but rather it is a challenge and incentive for us to do things even better. In short, the 3

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